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Is Fall the NEW New Year?!

Is Fall the NEW New Year?!

Even though some of us are a decade (or more? Yikes!) past our back-to-school days, we can't help but feel that September always brings a sense of renewal, like a second chance at a New Year. So, let's just call it what it is: Forget January! September is the NEW New Year. With this change of season, leaves begin to turn, the weather shifts, and we swap out our maxi dresses and sandals for those luxurious layering pieces we adore. It's a time when we also look to refresh our homes, and in keeping with this spirit of change, we decided it was high time that our website got a fresh look too! So, welcome! This is the new Homekin. We hope you enjoy it.

But let's get back on track—September. In addition to updating your wardrobe and life, September offers a perfect opportunity to hit the reset button within your home. If you're looking around and feeling weary of the same old, embrace the inspirational fresh-start vibe that permeates the September air and dare to make a few changes and even break a few rules. Not sure where to start? Here's our guide:

Before you begin: Evaluate your Basics

No matter which room you're looking to rejuvenate, start by examining the fundamentals. Things like wall colours and coverings, window treatments, light fixtures, pillows, throws, and accessories are easy fixes that can make a world of difference. Once you've identified the areas with potential, it's time to challenge some conventions.

Rule #1: Mixing Metals

Who came up with the rule in the first place? We're not sure, but let us be abundantly clear: It's absolutely okay to mix your metals! In fact, we encourage it. With the rise of brass finishes in recent years, we've witnessed rooms that feel painfully contrived and overly coordinated with a surplus of one type of metal. For gold or any other metal to serve as an accent, it should appear in small, strategic doses—not dominating the entire space.

Rule #2: Forbidden Palettes

Once again, we're not sure who established these rigid colour combination rules, but let's forget them! Disregard the old adages like "Don't mix black with navy" or "Never mix black with brown." Instead, view them as creative starting points and explore the magic you can create in your space by defying convention. As the Khaite and The Row FW23 runways have taught us, rules are meant to be broken—both in fashion and interior design.

Rule #3: Combining "Clashing" Patterns

In addition to the misconceptions about colour combinations, there's another myth about mixing patterns. Where did this fear of clashing patterns come from? Sometimes, the missing element that elevates a room from good to great is a lack of tension, and combining patterns and prints in unexpected ways can effectively infuse your space with a desired level of drama.

We understand that making changes and breaking rules can be overwhelming and sometimes even daunting. That's why we're here to help! If you're looking to embrace the New New Year by refreshing your home, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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