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A Testament to Personal Style: A Before & After

A Testament to Personal Style: A Before & After

This dining room story, like so many of our home stories, started with a conundrum - a need to solve a design dilemma. After numerous consultations with various interior designers our clients were left feeling unheard and wary of having their personal style overshadowed by the "signature styles" of others. Then, they stumbled upon Homekin—a beacon of hope that promised to honor their unique vision.

Captivated by the exterior of their transitional French chateau-style abode and armed with an inspiration image encapsulating their desired aesthetic, our clients embarked on an onboarding call with us, seeking a dining sanctuary where their personal style seamlessly coalesced with comfort.

Drawing ideas from our clients inspiration photo, our design team set out to weave a narrative of drama and allure within the dining space. A pivotal moment arose when we discovered a luxe velvet-finish Cole & Sons wallcovering, perfectly poised to imbue the room with depth and visual intrigue. Elevating this luxurious backdrop further, we lacquer-painted all the moldings, culminating in a harmonious fusion of texture and tone.

To update and refine our clients’ dining table, rich emerald green velvet dining chairs from Rove Concepts took center stage, complemented by the transformation of their original dining armchairs through expertly re-upholstery. The original chairs are now updated and repurposed to flank the buffet, adding additional comfort to the space.

While working on this project, our team was simultaneously deeply immersed in the second season of White Lotus and the beauty of the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace in Taormina. Enamoured with the opulent hotel rooms, we took cues from two-tone drapery. Departing from the neutral hues of the hotel rooms though, we opted for a bold statement, creating the upper portion with a rich green fabric while the lower segment was made of a black satiny textile, gracefully suspended from brass decorative rods. Lastly, to crown the space with a touch of glamour and balance, we introduced a brass and cut-glass round chandelier, casting a warm glow upon the room's newfound elegance.

In the symphony of textures, hues, and bespoke touches, this dining room’s narrative finds its crescendo—a testament to the power of design to transform a space into an oasis of personal expression and refined living.

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